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This page shows how batdata.aspx is rendered in several older browsers. 3/4 size images can be found by clicking on the thumbnails. A comparison of modern browsers can be seen at xxxxxxx

All browsers are viewing batdata.aspx with the browser portal set to 800px width, and the mouse hovering over Telephony -> Country Code Decoder (or equivalent position in case of Lynx.)

IE5.5 IE6 SP1 IE7 IE8
IE5.5 ie6 SP1 (49K) IE7 (46K) IE8 Beta 1 (48K)
NS4.0.3 NS4.5.1 NS6.01 NS7.02
NS 4.0.3 (36K) NS 4.5.1 (49K) NS 6.01 (41K) NS 7.02 (45K)
Opera 4.02 Opera 6.01 Opera 7.1 Opera 9.02
Opera 4.02 (36K) Opera 6.01 (41K) Opera 7.1 (50K) Opera 9.02 (48K)
Lynx   FireFox 2.0.14  
Lynx 2.8.3 (30K)   FireFox (60K)