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JavaScript no-404 Logon Page

Use JavaScript to provide a Logon dialogue

Use the form above to get to our secure pages.

For the above form, use:

Userid acfGGsd95g
Password trJhK764_cv

Of course, in real life you will not display the userid or password on the page!!

The "security" uses javascript to map userid and password to foldername/pagename.html

Construction of the pages used is explained here.

How it Works (simplified)

  • This "security" system uses a form to enter a userid and password.
  • The userid and password are manipulated by javascript to form a URL to an image, in the form userid/password.gif, and swaps this image with one already in the form.
  • If the new image loads, the javascript then opens the secured page - userid/password.html
  • If the image fails to load (because userid and/or password are incorrect) an alert window is shown stating the logon details are incorrect.

A much simpler method is shown here. This will show a Page Not Found error if the password is incorrect.