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Password Protection for a Folder

Protect a folder and its contents with a password

There are (at least) 2 methods to protect a folder:

  1. Use the file system to restrict access to specified users.
  2. Use FrontPage extensions to convert a folder to a subweb, and allow access to the subweb to specified users. See;en-us;825451 for more "in depth" methods than that outlined below.

File System

This method requires access to the server, either through a web package control panel, or through Windows Explorer (or the equivalent on Unix/Linux servers). Details will vary according to the Control Panel.

FrontPage Extensions

This method is not supported by all hosts, but where it is supported, open the website in FrontPage (Expression Web does not support this method), then:

  • Create a folder to be protected.
  • Right click the folder, and choose "Convert to Web" from the menu.
  • Allow the subweb to be created - agree to the changes.
  • Double click the new subweb to open it.
  • Use Tools->Server->Permissions. This opens a web page titled "Permissions Administration"
  • Click Change Permissions
  • Select "Use unique permissions for this Web site" and click Submit button
  • If the same page reloads, click "Cancel"
  • The Web Administration page for the folder will load.
  • Under Users and Roles it should state the web is using unique permissions.
  • Click "Manage Users"
  • On the next page click "Add a User"
    • If this is a new user (not already on the server) select "Add new user ..."
      • Fill in User name, Password, and confirm password
    • If this is an existing user, select "Add user or group name..."
      • Fill in User name, the password is already configured on the server for this user.
  • Add a Role for this user by ticking the appropriate box.
  • Click "Add User"
  • Back on the Manage Users page, DO NOT delete the web Administrator, or you will lose access to the folder.
  • Close the browser

When browsing to this folder, or to a page or file in this folder, users will be prompted for a username and password.