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Country Code Decoder

Country Dialling Codes commencing with 6

FlagCodeCountryTime Difference (GMT)GroupCommentInternet Code
Flag for 6060MALAYSIA8BCW my
Flag for 6161AUSTRALIA+8 to +11BCWIncludes Cocos and Christmas Islandsau
Flag for 6161Christmas Island7AETChanged from 6724 to 61964cx
Flag for 6161Cocos Islands6.5AETChanged from 6722 to 61962cc
Flag for 6262INDONESIA (Republic of)7  id
Flag for 6262Java7 Now INDONESIA (Republic of)id
Flag for 6363PHILIPPINES (Republic of the)8  ph
Flag for 6464Chatham Island12NZNEW ZEALANDnz
Flag for 6464NEW ZEALAND12NZ, BCWincludes Chatham Islandnz
Flag for 6565SINGAPORE (Republic of)8BCW sg
Flag for 6666THAILAND7  th
Flag for 670670EAST TIMOR7  tp
Flag for 672672ANTARCTICA AUSTRALIAN TERRITORY+4.5 to +10AET(6721)aq
Flag for 672672NORFOLK ISLAND11.5AET nf
Flag for 674674NAURU (Republic of)12BCW nr
Flag for 675675PAPUA NEW GUINEA10BCW pg
Flag for 676676TONGA (Kingdom of)13BCW to
Flag for 677677SOLOMON ISLANDS11BCW sb
Flag for 678678VANUATU (Republic of)11BCW vu
Flag for 679679FIJI12  fj
Flag for 680680PALAU (Republic of)9  pw
Flag for 681681WALLIS AND FUTUNA12  wf
Flag for 682682COOK ISLANDS-11.5  ck
Flag for 683683NIUE-11  nu
Flag for 684684AMERICAN SAMOA-11ASMAlso see 1684as
Flag for 685685SAMOA (Independant State of)-11BCW ws
Flag for 686686KIRIBATI (Republic of)12BCW ki
Flag for 687687NEW CALEDONIA11  nc
Flag for 688688TUVALU12BCW tv
Flag for 689689FRENCH POLYNESIA-10  pf
Flag for 690690TOKELAU-11  tk
Flag for 691691MICRONESIA (Federated States of)11  fm
Flag for 692692MARSHALL ISLANDS (Republic of the)12  mh
Flag for 69826982PITCAIRN ISLANDS8.5BRD pn
Flag for 69936993WAKE ISLAND12 -Uninhabitated- 
Flag for 69986998MIDWAY ISLAND    

Where shown:

Time Difference is with respect to GMT (UCT)
Group links to a list of countries/codes related by politics, administration or geography.
Also, countries sharing the same country code, or with more than one country code, are "grouped".

Group Abbreviations

AETAustralian External Territories
ASMAmerican Samoa
BCWmember of The Commonwealth of Nations
BRDBritish Dependencies
NZNew Zealand

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