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Country Code Decoder

Country Dialling Codes commencing with 5

FlagCodeCountryTime Difference (GMT)GroupCommentInternet Code
Flag for 500500FALKLAND ISLANDS( Malvinas)-4BRD fk
Flag for 501501BELIZE-6BCW bz
Flag for 502502GUATEMALA (Republic of)-6  gt
Flag for 503503EL SALVADOR (Republic of)-6  sv
Flag for 504504HONDURAS (Republic of)-6  hn
Flag for 505505NICARAGUA-6  ni
Flag for 506506COSTA RICA-6  cr
Flag for 507507PANAMA (Republic of)-5  pa
Flag for 508508SAINT PIERRE AND MIQUELON (Collectivite territoriale de la Republique francais)-3  pm
Flag for 509509HAITI (Republic of)-5  ht
Flag for 5151PERU-5  pe
Flag for 5252MEXICO-6  mx
Flag for 5353CUBA-5  cu
Flag for 53995399Guantanano Bay-5 Cuba 
Flag for 5454ARGENTINA-3  ar
Flag for 5555BRAZIL (Federative Republic of)-3  br
Flag for 5656CHILE-4  cl
Flag for 5656Easter Island-4 CHILEcl
Flag for 5757COLOMBIA (Republic of)-5  co
Flag for 5858VENEZUELA (Bolivarian Republic of)-4  ve
Flag for 590590GUADELOUPE (French Department of)-4  gp
Flag for 591591BOLIVIA (Republic of)-4  bo
Flag for 592592GUYANA-4BCW gy
Flag for 593593ECUADOR-5  ec
Flag for 594594FRENCH GUIANA (French Department of)-3  gf
Flag for 595595PARAGUAY (Republic of)-4  py
Flag for 596596MARTINIQUE (French Department of)-4  mq
Flag for 596596FRENCH ANTILLES-4  tf
Flag for 597597SURINAME (Republic of)-3  sr
Flag for 598598URUGUAY (Eastern Republic of)-3  uy
Flag for 599599NETHERLANDS ANTILLES-4  an
Flag for 599599Curacao-4   

Where shown:

Time Difference is with respect to GMT (UCT)
Group links to a list of countries/codes related by politics, administration or geography.
Also, countries sharing the same country code, or with more than one country code, are "grouped".

Group Abbreviations

BCWmember of The Commonwealth of Nations
BRDBritish Dependencies

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