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Country Code Decoder

Country Dialling Codes commencing with 4

FlagCodeCountryTime Difference (GMT)GroupCommentInternet Code
Flag for 4040ROMANIA2EU, NATO ro
Flag for 4141SWITZERLAND (Confederation of)1  ch
Flag for 420420CZECH REPUBLIC1EU, NATO cz
Flag for 421421SLOVAKIA1EU, NATO sk
Flag for 423423LIECHTENSTEIN (Principality of)1  li
Flag for 4343AUSTRIA1EU at
Flag for 4444Britain0UKEngland - Walesuk
Flag for 4444Alderney0UKD, CI gg
Flag for 4444Channel Islands0UKDJersey - Guernsey - Alderney - Herm - Sark 
Flag for 4444Herm0UKD, CI gg
Flag for 4444England0UK uk
Flag for 4444Northern Ireland0UKUlsteruk
Flag for 4444Great Britain0UKEngland-Scotland-Walesuk
Flag for 4444Guernsey0UKD, CI gg
Flag for 4444Isle of Man0UKDManxim
Flag for 4444Jersey0UKD, CI je
Flag for 4444Sark0UKD, CI gg
Flag for 4444Scotland0UK uk
Flag for 4444UNITED KINGDOM of GREAT BRITAIN and NORTHERN IRELAND0NATO, UK, BCWEngland - Scotland - Wales - Northern Irelanduk
Flag for 4444Wales0UK uk
Flag for 44/35344/353British Isles0 England - Scotland - Wales - Ireland 
Flag for 4545DENMARK1EU, NATO dk
Flag for 4646SWEDEN1EU se
Flag for 4747NORWAY1NATO no
Flag for 4848POLAND (Republic of)1EU, NATO pl
Flag for 4949GERMANY (Federal Republic of)1EU, NATO de

Where shown:

Time Difference is with respect to GMT (UCT)
Group links to a list of countries/codes related by politics, administration or geography.
Also, countries sharing the same country code, or with more than one country code, are "grouped".

Group Abbreviations

BCWmember of The Commonwealth of Nations
CIChannel Islands
EUEuropean Union or European Economic Community
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation
UKUnited Kingdom
UKDCrown Dependencies

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