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Country Code Decoder

Country Dialling Codes commencing with 2

FlagCodeCountryTime Difference (GMT)GroupCommentInternet Code
Flag for 2020EGYPT (Arab Republic of)2  eg
Flag for 212212MOROCCO (Kingdom of)0  ma
Flag for 213213ALGERIA (Peoples Democratic Republic of)1  dz
Flag for 216216TUNISIA1  tn
Flag for 218218LIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA1  ly
Flag for 220220GAMBIA (Republic of the)-1BCW gm
Flag for 221221SENEGAL (Republic of)0  sn
Flag for 222222MAURITANIA (Islamic Republic of)0  mr
Flag for 223223MALI (Republic of)0  ml
Flag for 224224GUINEA (Republic of)0  gn
Flag for 225225COTE D'IVOIRE (Republic of)0 Also known as Ivory Coastci
Flag for 226226BURKINA FASO0 was Upper Voltabf
Flag for 227227NIGER (Republic of the)1  ne
Flag for 228228TOGO0  tg
Flag for 229229BENIN (Republic of)1  bj
Flag for 230230Rodriguez Island4 MAURITIUS (Republic of)mu
Flag for 230230MAURITIUS (Republic of)4BCWincludes Rodriguez Islandmu
Flag for 231231LIBERIA (Republic of)0  lr
Flag for 232232SIERRA LEONE0ITALY sl
Flag for 233233GHANA0BCW gh
Flag for 234234NIGERIA (Federal Republic of)1BCW ng
Flag for 235235CHAD (Republic of)1  td
Flag for 237237CAMEROON (Republic of)1BCW cm
Flag for 238238CAPE VERDE (Republic of)-1  cv
Flag for 239239SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE (Democratic Republic of)0  st
Flag for 240240EQUATORIAL GUINEA (Republic of)1  gq
Flag for 241241GABON1  ga
Flag for 242242CONGO (Republic of the)1  cg
Flag for 243243DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of the CONGO1 Formerly named Zairezr
Flag for 244244ANGOLA (Republic of)1  ao
Flag for 245245GUINEA-BISSAU (Republic of)0  gw
Flag for 246246DIEGO GARCIA5   
Flag for 247247ASCENSION ISLAND0BRD ac
Flag for 248248SEYCHELLES (Republic of)4BCW sc
Flag for 249249SUDAN (Republic of the)2  sd
Flag for 250250RWANDA2 Also known as RWANDESE REPUBLICrw
Flag for 251251ETHIOPIA (Federal Democratic Republic of)3  et
Flag for 252252SOMALIA3  so
Flag for 253253DJIBOUTI (Republic of)3  dj
Flag for 254254KENYA (Republic of)3BCW ke
Flag for 255255TANZANIA (United Republic of)3BCW tz
Flag for 255255Zanzibar3 Now TANZANIA (Republic of)tz
Flag for 256256UGANDA (Republic of)3BCW ug
Flag for 257257BURUNDI (Republic of)2  bi
Flag for 258258MOZAMBIQUE (Republic of)2BCW mz
Flag for 260260ZAMBIA (Republic of)2BCW zm
Flag for 261261MADAGASCAR (Republic of)3  mg
Flag for 262262REUNION (French Department of)4  re
Flag for 263263ZIMBABWE (Republic of)2 Suspended from Commonwealth 2003zw
Flag for 264264NAMIBIA (Republic of)2BCW na
Flag for 265265MALAWI2BCW mw
Flag for 266266LESOTHO (Kingdom of)2BCW ls
Flag for 267267BOTSWANA (Republic of)2BCW bw
Flag for 268268SWAZILAND (Kingdom of)2BCW sz
Flag for 269269MAYOTTE (Collectivite territoriale de la Republique francais)3 Country code shared with Comorosyt
Flag for 269269COMOROS (Islamic Federal Republic of the)3 Country code shared with Mayottekm
Flag for 2727SOUTH AFRICA (Republic of)2BCW za
Flag for 290290SAINT HELENA0BRD sh
Flag for 290290TRISTAN DA CUNHA0BRD  
Flag for 291291ERITREA3  er
Flag for 297297ARUBA-4  aw
Flag for 298298FAROE ISLANDS0  fo
Flag for 299299GREENLAND (Denmark)-1 to -4  gl

Where shown:

Time Difference is with respect to GMT (UCT)
Group links to a list of countries/codes related by politics, administration or geography.
Also, countries sharing the same country code, or with more than one country code, are "grouped".

Group Abbreviations

BCWmember of The Commonwealth of Nations
BRDBritish Dependencies

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